Tripropylene glycol TPG(N202)
  Ethoxy TMP EO-TMP
  Levelling agent O(Peregal)
  Antistatic Agent P
  TWEEN T-60

  Special Epoxy Acrylate Resin Series
The new-type modified epoxy acrylate resins, which is developed by Yixing Hongbo Emulsifiers Co., Ltd., features good resistance to chemical corrosion, high adhesive force, high hardness and low prices. photopolymerization or photocrosslinking can be watched when coatings produced with epoxy acrylate as prepolymer is exposed to UV. With fast curing speed and excellent film-coating property, epoxy acrylate is now gradually take the place of traditional coatings used for wood and metals. Our new-type modified epoxy acrylate resins, except for its excellent features as epoxy resin, enjoy outstanding curing property and moldability. It is widely used in the following areas: UV photocureable coating, UV printing ink, corrosion-resistant FRP products, such as glass fiber reinforced plastics tanks, pipes, towers and corrosion-resistant grilling etc; anticorrosion engineering; high-strength FRP etc.

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